Healing and Cleansing Sessions

I offer a unique, three-session program for healing and cleansing, with each session lasting around one hour, conducted weekly. Each session includes healing, spiritual guidance, and insightful discussions.

Session One: Problem Discussion, Spiritual Reading, and Healing

In the first session, we will discuss your concerns, followed by a spiritual reading, and a healing session for your spiritual, physical, or emotional body. I will cut away any negative impacts affecting your life, using light energy to bring you comfort. You’ll receive a personalized diet plan and suggested tasks for improving your health. I may also recommend optional mantras for you to read.

Session Two: Follow-Up, Reading, and Healing

In the second session, we will review your progress with the tasks and diet plan. This will be followed by a reading and a healing session tailored to your needs, focusing on your spiritual, physical, or mental body. I’ll create a powerful energy field around you and provide a new set of tasks and an updated diet plan. Additionally, I will cleanse your environment, so you attract positive energy and feel spaciousness in your life.

Session Three: Final Review, Reading, Healing, and Cleansing

In the third session, we will review your overall situation, reflecting on the past and present. This session includes a healing session, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, and cutting negative cords with any negative connections in your life. Finally, I will create a strong protective energy circle around you for ongoing protection.