Terms & Conditions of Muhammad Atif Spiritual Teacher :

1. Introduction :

Welcome to [Muhammad Atif Spiritual Teaching]

Our mission is to guide individuals on their spiritual journey through teachings in spirituality / Sufism, and personalized healing sessions. By using our services, you Agree To These Comprehensive Terms & Conditions.

2. Services Offered

Muhammad Atif, a spiritual Teacher & Researcher, offers various Healing sessions to Aid individuals and teachings in spirituality and Sufism. These services help you in becoming a certified Holistic Healer and Sufi Teacher to live your life in the divin love.

3. Commitment to the Healing Journey

[Your Name], S/O, D/O, W/O [Parent/Spouse Name], hereby affirm my dedication to the Teachings of and Muhammad Atif, acknowledging that these teachings are for the betterment of humanity. I understand that any fees paid for sessions or Any workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Should I misuse these healing methods, my abilities may be Suspended or Terminated by my Guru Muhammad Atif or Any Master Who already are teaching others, without prior notice.
I am committed to remaining faithful and to enhancing my healing powers continuously.

4. Core Values & Ethics

– Integrity:
We are honest in all activities and communications, never claiming to offer a cure for any condition.
Muhammad Atif is Not a Doctor or psychologist, physiotherapist or any license own biomedical or herbalist.
His profound Research is unique everything his sharing with other is behalf of his personal information and life experiences so its always just a opinion for you to follow what he say there is no not obligation.
he is purely gifting what he received in his life doing a lot of struggle thoroughly his spiritual experiences and researching.

– Support:
We maintain a friendly, positive attitude toward clients and students, encouraging them motivate them to heal and excel in their practice. We Do our best to tech in quality standard.

– Respect:

We value our clients and students, treating them with respect and avoiding any illegal or immoral activities.

-Personal Cleanliness & Hygiene:

We dress appropriately for Healing. Maintaining good standards of personal cleanliness and avoiding any strong Alcohol Fragrances that could trigger allergies.

-Conducive Environment:

We strive to ensure that healing conditions are suitable and conducive to an appropriate atmosphere.

We honor all practitioners and teachers, refraining from making negative statements about others.

-Equality & Acceptance:

We promote Pure method of Healing regardless of
race, creed, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, politics, social status, or health operate condition.

We inform clients and students about the value of our healing system, clarifying that it is not a substitute for licensed medical care.

– Refer:
We acknowledge that our healing works in conjunction with other medical or psychological care and is not a substitute for it.


We never diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, or interfere with treatments by licensed health care providers.

-Medication & Food Supplements:
We do not sell herbs or drugs nor recommend nutritional supplements needlessly.

– Distant Healing:

Distant healing may be sent at the request of a patient’s family or friends, usually with the recipient’s consent.

– Honesty:
We respect copyright, never using another person’s material without permission. we either used any your personal details and data guarantee 100% secure and save.

We encourage students
to use their inner guidance in determining their personality and outlook with your religious way or without .

Professional Conduct:
We hold ourselves to a higher standard, embodying the essence of professionalism in all our endeavors. Every action we take, every word we speak, and every decision we make radiates integrity and respect, reflecting the divine harmony of our practice. We honor the sacred trust placed in us by maintaining a pristine image, fostering an environment of reverence and excellence. Through our conduct, we channel the light of our vocation, uplifting and inspiring all who cross our path, and setting a celestial example for the fields to which we are devoted.

-Development: We embrace ongoing personal growth, guided by Muhammad Atif’s teachings. With heartfelt commitment, we seek to embody his wisdom, nurturing our souls and minds. This journey enriches our connections, allowing us to radiate his compassionate and enlightening principles in all we do, becoming beacons of light and love in the world.

– **Gratitude:** We deeply cherish the sacred gift of healing and are sincerely grateful for each client and student who entrusts us with their journey. Their choice to walk this path with us fills our hearts with immense appreciation and joy. We honor their trust and presence, recognizing them as precious blessings that inspire and enrich our practice every day.

5. Healer’s Rights & Responsibilities

Healers reserve the right to decline or reschedule healing sessions when necessary, ensuring they provide clear explanations for their decisions.

To establish a healing center, healers must possess certification in the Sufi tradition, divine love ISHIQ E HAQIQI, or the healing methods we teach, which include levels one, two, or three. Additionally, they must adhere to all relevant laws and maintain the profession’s dignity throughout their practice.

Healers are dedicated to continuous professional growth, ensuring they constantly refine and elevate their skills to maintain and amplify their competence in the healing arts.

-Self-Care and Self-Healing: Healers embrace and integrate self-care practices that enhance their own well-being, setting a shining example of healthy behavior for others to follow.

6. Release of Liability & Compliance*

– using method :
Every healer trained in Muhammad Atif’s teachings is obligated to consistently apply the same methods and adhere to Muhammad Atif’s teaching philosophy and policy in all settings, including healing clinics, NGOs, hospitals, distance healing sessions,Rohani ilaj gah, Khankaah, and free camps. Healers are solely responsible for any violations of this code, and Muhammad Atif Teaching cannot be held liable for such infractions.

-Release of Liability &
Assumption of All Risks:

I recognize that practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medications, or offer medical treatments. I am aware that changes in energy may temporarily influence bodily functions, and I accept this as a natural part of the process. I willingly agree to engage in Muhammad Atif Teaching sessions, assuming full responsibility for my participation.

Continued Medical Care:
Attunements are not substitutes for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment. Participants are encouraged to continue with any medications prescribed by licensed medical professionals and to adhere to their medical advice.

– Personal Responsibility & Misuse:

If I misuse the Muhammad Atif Teaching Healing System, my membership may be terminated immediately without prior notice. I am responsible for any false claims or misinformation about Muhammad Atif Teaching. Additionally, if it is found that I have engaged in such activities, clear legal action will be taken.

-Written Permissions
Activities Beyond the Healing Center: Engaging in activities outside my Healing Center, including organizing healing camps or establishing partnerships with universities, hospitals, or health clinics under the name of Muhammad Atif Teaching, necessitates obtaining written authorization from Muhammad Atif Teaching. This ensures that all external engagements align with the core principles and standards set by Muhammad Atif Teaching. General healing activities conducted while traveling are not subject to this permission requirement, allowing for the flexible application of healing practices in various settings.

7.Property & Copyright:

All content on this website, including logos, images, designs, and educational materials, is protected by intellectual property laws. These materials are owned by Muhammad Atif. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

8.Registration Policy :

Any Deposits for healer courses are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. This policy remains firm, with no exceptions made for unfavorable weather, emergencies, or other unforeseen events.

9.User Conduct

Users are required to use our website and services ethically and respectfully. Any misuse, including unauthorized access, dissemination of harmful content, or engagement in illegal activities, is strictly prohibited and may lead to disciplinary action or legal consequences.

10. Payment and Refunds

All details concerning fees, payment methods, and conditions for refunds must be clearly agreed upon prior to the provision of any services. This ensures transparency and understanding between both parties.

11. Limitation of Liability

Muhammad Atif Spiritual Teacher will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred from the use of the website or services, except as mandated by applicable law. This limitation applies to all forms of damages, direct or indirect. Users are encouraged to exercise caution and responsibility when interacting with the site and its services to minimize potential risks.

12. Amendments to Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to update these Terms & Conditions as necessary to reflect changes in our services, legal requirements, or operational needs. Users are encouraged to review the terms periodically to stay informed of any changes that may affect their use of our services. Continued use after such updates indicates acceptance of the new term

13. Contact Information

For any inquiries or assistance, please reach out to us through the following contact methods:

In Pakistan: +923066054902
From abroad: +393756164050
Email: atiftufail194@gmail.com

14. Governing Law

These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where our business is located. All disputes arising out of or related to the use of our website or services will be resolved in accordance with these laws. Users agree to submit to the jurisdiction of local courts for the resolution of any such disputes.